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Volunteers Welcomed at McAuliffe

All visitors and volunteers to our campus are required to check-in at the front office and obtain a Visitor's Pass before proceeding on campus. This is for the safety of all students and staff. On a daily basis, a multitude of volunteers can be seen coming and going in the halls, classrooms, workrooms, and library all engaged in a variety of activities. While some prefer to volunteer in the classrooms, others enjoy working in the library with our reading-incentive program, assisting with art and computer activities, as Early Reading Tutors or providing clerical assistance.  Still others choose to become involved through leadership positions in PTA, School Site Council, or District Advisory Councils. Children are also offered the opportunity to assist their parents, side-by-side, weeding and planting in the beautiful McAuliffe Monarch Butterfly Garden, a volunteer program coordinated by second grade teacher Ellen Bialik. We recognize how important volunteers are to our school and greatly appreciate the many hard-working volunteers who give freely of their time.